When I was a senior in high school, my best friend and I had our hearts set on winning spots on Teen PEOPLE magazine’s news team. We were already editors for the school newspaper and obsessed with pop culture, so this was an opportunity to shine. Always thinking out of the box and how to stand-out from the pack, we decided to submit a video along with our essay.

It worked. Before we knew it, we were reporting from the press pit at Macy’s Herald Square in New York City, where a new boy band was performing. Afterwards, we were the first in line at the meet and greet. We were able to get autographs, but personal photos weren’t allowed. At that time, I had no idea how much of an impact Justin Timberlake and ‘N Sync would have on the world, and that writing and dream chasing would have on my life.

By college, I was a female founder. During the semesters, I held the role of entertainment editor of the campus newspaper and also launched the environmental section. I’ve always had a passion for writing about what’s hot and what’s important. That was exactly the tagline I used when one summer, I launched my own music ‘zine. After meeting so many bands struggling to make it, I was inspired to use my writing to help them achieve their dreams, too. So, I formed my second company: a PR company for bands. Promoting the music of clients including Cash Cash, Val Emmich, the Matches, and Sohodolls invigorated my soul.

Over the course of 11 years, my music ‘zine transitioned into this new online thing called a blog (I am really dating myself here, aren’t I?), then a full-blown website, and eventually, an Internet TV show (fun fact: we had the same production company as Gary Vaynerchuk). My all-female team of writers, photographers, and producers had so many adventures! We walked a mile barefoot with Hanson, shared vegan cupcakes with Jared Leto, and interviewed the trainers at a tiger preserve (I got to stand inches away from the most majestic creatures!). I was living my dream when I was working my side-hustle. My full-time job as a publicist for an independent music awards company was also a rewarding role.

My dreams and jobs have changed over the years, but the one thing that has always been a common factor in my happiness is writing and inspiring others. Growing up, I wrote stories on a typewriter and read books to my dogs to escape my fighting parents. I found comfort in words. When I got divorced in my 20s, I wrote my first book, Trash the Dress: Stories of Celebrating Divorce in your 20s. The process showed me I had a pack of fellow divorcees—and many of them looked to me for guidance on how to positively spin their crisis into gold by looking at divorce as the beginning of the lives they were meant to lead.

Becoming an author inspired me to join a book publicity firm. Every day, I have the joy of helping others inspire and educate their own audiences by booking them national media, including The Today Show, Good Morning America, HuffPost, Forbes, Harvard Business Review, Romper, Wall Street Journal, Glamour UK, CNBC, APLUS, and Good Day LA. Every time I get a big win, I think to myself, “the pitch I wrote made that happen!” My words are making people’s dreams come true. My words are changing lives. Everyone who watches a TV segment I booked, or reads an article I placed, is being introduced to someone or something that can improve their life, health, relationships, or mindset.

Writing is rewarding. And I want everyone to achieve the vision they have for their lives.

I encourage girls of all ages and life stages to chase their dreams so they can live life to its fullest. Even the littlest ladies need to have a girl power mindset. Naturally, when my daughter turned five-years-old, I wrote a children’s book on this subject. Princess Genevieve: The Hero with Girl Power reminds you that you can write your own story and be the hero of it, too.

Sometimes, when we become mothers, our dreams go on the back burner. I know because after I remarried and had my own two children, I had no energy to pursue passionate projects.  But once my kids gained some independence, I did, too. I began writing again on my personal blog, Instagram and Today.com Parenting Community. It makes me feel alive. I totally bask in the glow of my published words every time I hit “post.”

And, you, my fellow dream chaser….

If you’re ready to shine, I’m here for it.

I’ll write the bio that positions you as an expert.

I’ll craft a company description for you to present to investors.

I’ll tell your story through engaging website copy.

No matter where you are in life, if you have a goal, I am here championing you to go get it, girl!

And get in touch with me! My words are the wings to help you soar.

Writing makes me happy. Happiness makes everyone shine.

Together, we can create a vision so bright that we’ll be wearing sunglasses as we walk towards the future.

My words are the wings that will help you soar


  • I have a fortune cookie paper that says “inspiring others towards happiness brings you happiness” taped onto my computer. I did not receive that by coincidence.
  • I’m obsessed with bags: tote bags, convertible backpacks, crossbody bags, you name it.
  • I’ve had over 13 dogs in my life. Studying dog breeds is a passion of mine. I’m also a big rescue dog advocate and currently have three fur-children. Follow them on Instagram @PawsitivityPups
  • Soap operas are my guilty pleasure.
  • I trashed my wedding dress on national television. 
  • I live in a lake community and try to get to the beach every day after work.
  • I’m straight-edge. That means I don’t drink or do drugs.
  • Tattoos are a former obsession of mine. I’m done now though.
  • Eyeglasses! Oh, how I love changing pairs every day.
  • Some of my favorite female-founded brands: Birdling Bags, MZ Wallace bags, Mina Baie bags (are you seeing a theme here?). I’ll add more to this soon!